All the raw materials , package and finished products in and out of the factory will be strictly controlled by the quality control department. We have HPLC room, GC Room, Chem-analysis room, Drying room and sample room. Our lab is experienced in the a.i. and impurity analysis by HPLC and GC equipment, water content analysis, pH value determination and other specifications stipulated by FAO standard. Our aim is to make each product out of the factory quality ensured wherever it goes.

There are 20 workers in the QC department. 5 people have master degree and 15 people have bachelor degree.


We set up the R&D center in the factory since the very beginning. Its aim is to improve our product quality and develop new products. Up till now, we have developed over 200 formulations recipes and among them, we got 30 patent. Under R&D support, our Nicosulfuron a.i. has the best quality in China.

Meanwhile, we have good collaboration with outside research institute and universities, such as Shandong Agriculture University, Shandong Technology University and Qingdao Agriculture University. In the world, we have good collaboration with some GLP labs, such as Bioagri of Brazil, Intox of India, Chemservice of Italy, Anadiag of France and Nutrichem of China. With their support, we could support the pesticide registrations of our clients around the world.